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The President of the Party meets the Parliamentarian Team of UPR and Appreciates Their Performance


During a meeting held this morning in Nouakchott, at Mauricenter Hotel, the president of the UPR party Mr. Sidi Mohamed Ould Maham thanked the members of the UPR parliamentarian team for their extraordinary performance in the current parliamentary session. The president of the party said that this meeting comes during a time in which the general policy of the government is presented before the national assembly which will give the majority in general and the representatives of the UPR in particular, the opportunity to appreciate and valorize the achievements on the national level in the various domains and also to look forward for better future projects.

The president of the party, Mr. Sidi Mohamed Maham added that the government’s general policy can never be separated from the general context which basically is the project of his Excellency Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz that he presented to the Mauritanian people and which constituted a roadmap that the government could not deviate from. The president of the UPR asked the members of the parliamentarian team to seize the opportunity to remind people of this ambitious project as to ensure its implementation.

The president of the party asked the team for more systematic and focused work as to ensure that the above message is passed on to everyone especially by choosing spokespersons that will eloquently explain the importance of the project and count the achievements.

The president of the UPR has also talked during this meeting about the great evolution that occurred in the field of foreign policy during the recent years and the way his Excellency, the president of the Republic has succeeded in the various foreign policy issues and files with both a patriotic spirit and a concern for the interests of the neighboring countries and the regional as well as homeland security. The president of the party added that during this time of great change, Mauritania has moved from a stage where it was more concentrated on issues of its own towards being a powerful country in the region that guarantees not only its own homeland security but also that of the region both in the north and the south.

Mrs. Khadijetou Diallo, the chairwoman of the parliamentarian team was the one to open the meeting welcoming her colleagues and thanking them for the wonderful performance they had in the parliamentary session.

The meeting was also attended by the secretary general of the party Mr. Oumar Ould Maatalla who translated the speech of the president into French.

The president of the party gave the floor to the members of the team to ask questions and present their remarks during the meeting. At the end, the president answered all the questions and thanked theteam for their presence.

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