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 We, in the Union for the Republic Party, are extremely delighted to announce to all our adherents and militants, and to the public viewers, the launching of the new official website of the party. The new website launched on the … Continue reading

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Presentation of the Union for the Republic Party (UPR)

Presentation of the Union for the Republic Party (UPR)


The Union for the Republic party was founded at the initiative of its activists led by the brother and founding President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz (current president of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania) on the 31st of March 2009.

Based on the insights and thought of founding President are determined the constants and objectives of the party as follows:

The constants

UPR is a democratic mass party, holder of a global vision of society in its political and cultural dimensions, focuses on the popular masses and more particularly on the poor and marginalized fringes, it is a party that seeks political renewal and aims to establish political pluralism that makes the other partner in nation-building participates with a different view according to the following premises and constants:

Genuine concern to preserve national unity as a factor of stability of sovereignty;

– Attachment to the Constitution, pluralist, democratic practice, and the principle of peaceful alternation of power;

– The constant commitment to strengthening individual freedom and collective rights, and the defense of fundamental human rights;

– The attachment to belonging to the Arab and African civilization of all the components of our people and conserving our diversity enriching;

– Attachment to the rule of law and constitutional institutions, factors Good governance.

– The establishment social justice;

– The defense of the territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, the preservation of its independency and its resources.

The objectives

Union for the Republic party aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. In the Political Field and the Consolidation of the Rule of Law:

The party is working on anchoring the concept of State of law and citizenship and building strong Republican Institutions and strengthening National Unity, and works on management reform and modernization and that is by adopting the standards of competence, efficiency, integrity and trustworthiness in taking responsibility in accordance with the principles of right person in the right place and the principles of punishment and reward.

It also seeks to promote and protect democracy and committed to ensure the separation of authorities and to constantly improve electoral laws.

In its innovative visions in political action, the party is keen to build its structures and manage its affairs on a basis of transparency and democracy, to ensure justice and equity between its different members and thus give a living example of the democratic practice.

  1. In the Economic Field :

The party seeks to promote the national economy by relying on the country’s own resources and promotes economic partnership with all friendly countries and development partners.

The UPR considers the choice of the free economy as a necessary option insofar as it guarantees the freedom of initiative, and takes into account the principle of equal opportunities.

just as it ensures the sovereignty services and other services essential to social progress and eventually lead to acceleration in the pace of growth.

In this context, the party seeks to adopt macro – economic policies and comprehensive structural reforms and create an appealing investment climate.

fair and equitable distribution of country’s resources ,transparency in the management of economic resources and the application of good governance Through the protection and rational management of public funds, the fight against mismanagement , strengthening and revitalization of monitoring and surveillance mechanisms.

  1. In the Social Domain:

The UPR aims to combat poverty and unemployment through the technical and vocational training, support for self-employment in particular among young people and the promotion of social justice. It also aims to implement comprehensive and effective policies in the areas of health and habitat and, in the latter case, to eradicate the phenomenon slum dwellers and to put a decent housing at the inhabitants’ disposal.

The party seeks to promote women through continuous formation and activation of her political, economic and social participation, and the family care, for that the family is the central core of society, enjoy the attention required, so as to ensure social cohesion, to preserve our system of values, to protect the child and to create the appropriate conditions to its own education and development.

  1. In the Field of Education:

The party seeks to elaborate an effective reform strategy for our educational system, through involving all the participants, a strategy that enables us to shape the citizen we want to form and the adoption of a comprehensive reform of education in its all different Levels, taking into account the qualitative formation. And also the spread of schooling and ensure the quality of its graduates and the adequacy of their specializations with the needs of the labor market.

The party encourages scientific research, researchers, innovators, writers and publishers; just as it encourages openness to international languages and the promotion of science and new technologies.

  1. In the Cultural Field:

The UPR works on the protection and enhancement of the national cultural heritage and to perpetuate its influence to save the manuscripts and oral tradition.

. It aims to promote and develop culture in all its dimensions, particularly in the areas of creativity, publishing, theatre, film, music, arts etc.

It also seeks to generalize the creation of museums, printing and publishing, the addressing of the avenues, universities and institutes as well as naming our streets, universities, institutes, graduates after our champignons and scientists to commemorate and immortalize them.

The party also works on the protection and development of traditional industry in order to preserve our heritage and our cultural specificities.

  1. In the Military and National Security:

The Party aims to give the most appropriate and the highest status to the military and security services, and develop its combat skills and update its means, allowing it to meet the requirements of a professional Republican national army which guarantees the territorial integrity, defending national sovereignty and develops its capacity to face new dangers such as terrorism, cross-border crime, drug trafficking, the phenomenon of illegal immigration…

  1. In Foreign Policy:

The UPR sets for objective implementation of a foreign policy based on the principles of good neighborliness, noninterference in the affairs of others, the adoption of peaceful solutions to conflicts by peaceful means and the consolidation of peace and international justice.

The party works in favor of a Mauritanian diplomacy in conformity with the dimension of the place that the country occupies in the world and the imperatives of the safeguarding of its sovereignty.

Moreover, it endorses the principle that the diplomacy must be at the service of development and work to strengthen regional and international cooperation as it supports all the good causes in the world.

For this purpose, the party of the UPR registered its action in favor of establishing excellent relationships with all of the parties, gatherings and political parties around the world that shares its vision and constants and seek the development of bilateral relations, the strengthening of justice and development and the promotion of democratic values in the world.

The Party’s Representation:

The party is widely represented at the national level, according to the last elections of 2013 it had:

– 76 members to the National Assembly out of 147;

– 41 Senators out of 56;

– 141 mayors out of 218;

– 1955 Municipal Councilors out of 3 722.

On the other hand, the UPR is a political party that is widely implanted throughout the national territory. Its structures are as follow:

– a federation in each wilaya (region);

– a section in each moughataa (district);

– a sub-section in each commune.

The party is led by an Executive Board which is composed as follows:


-Mr Sidi Mohamed Ould Maham;

– Members:

– Dieh Ould Sidati, 1st Vice -President;

– Khadijetou Diallo, 2nd Vice- President;

– Oumar Ould Maatalla, General Secretary;

– Yahya Ould Hademine…

– Ahmedou Ould Jelvoune…

– Sidi Ould Zeine…

– Brahim Mbarek Mohamed Moctar…

– Mohamed Lemine Ould Cheikh…

– Maty Mint Hamady…

– Cheikh Ould Baya, responsible for external relations;

– Mohamed Ould Hanine, Deputy Secretary General;

– Bamba Ould Daramane, President National Youth Commission;

– Aicha Vall yards, Chairperson National Commission for Women;

– Boumiya Ould Boyah, Chair Commission arbitration and conciliation;

– Mohamed Lemine Ould Hacen, charged of the Eve policy;

– Slama Ould Abdullah, charged of the organization;

– Boune Oumar Ly, charged of Islamic Affairs;

– Moctar Ould Abdallahi, charged of Information, communication and ICT;

– Sellama Mint Lemrabett, charged of Culture and the arts;

– Yarba Sghair Ould, charged of human rights and freedoms;

– Chah Ould Deya, charged of sports, Thiam Diombar,

– Fatimata Bass, charged of the civil society;

– Bouceif Ould Sid Ahmed, charged of the volunteering;

– Moutha Mint El Haj, charged of the education;

– Hacenna Ould Ahmed Labeid, charged of relations with the unions;

– Aly Ould Mohamed Salem, charged of the Legal Affairs;

– Amy Diallo, responsible for Persons with Disabilities;

– Mohamed Moctar Sidi Mohamed, charged of the evaluation and control;

– Oumoulkhairy Mint Ivikou, charged of the citizen control;

– Raby Haidara,

– Diafara Camara, Responsible of Mauritanians abroad;

– Varha Mint Abdel Vettah



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