Announcements and Circulars Announcing of the Launching of the New Website of the (UPR)

 We, in the Union for the Republic Party, are extremely delighted to announce to all our adherents and militants, and to the public viewers, the launching of the new official website of the party. The new website launched on the … Continue reading

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Word of the President of UPR during the Closing Ceremony of the National Inclusive Dialogue

 In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

And May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad and His Family,

Your Excellency the President of the Republic,

Your Excellency the Prime Minister,

Your Excellency the Minister and Secretary General of the Presidency

The Honorable President of the National Assembly

The Honorable Ministers

Dear respectable audience, ladies and gentlemen,

May God’s Peace and Mercy be upon you all!

Inspired by your thoughtful vision, your Excellency the president of the Republic, here we are today alongside the national and political force in the country both from the majority and the opposition presenting a new example of national work and a new vision to patriotic nationalism. We are moving forward hand in hand for serving this country and strengthening its democracy, harmonization, peace and national unity. I seize this opportunity…. What were are presenting before you today as a conclusion to our work during the past days is no longer the exclusive property of one particular political segment, but it has become a common national property for all Mauritanians including those who were absent; this is basically because of the positive goals and outcomes of this dialogue that would be beneficial to all.

I seize this opportunity, your Excellency the president, to invite all the patriots and those of good will who were absent from this important national meeting to accompany it throughout its results and outcomes by working on enhancing and solidifying them.

And we assure those who are ill-intentioned who persistently want to upset our national gains or hinder our democratic experience that we will firmly stand against them. We assure them that these very people, who have already rejected them after they pushed themselves to the periphery of history, will never allow them to stop their trajectory or stand as an obstacle before their future aspirations and ambition.

Your Excellency the President,

As we have been a serious and committed part in the dialogue of 2009 with the testimony of the international community, and as we emphasized that position during the dialogue of 2011 as testified by our partners, today, we repeat the same commitment under your leadership to the outcomes of this dialogue and our intention is to work alongside all the national force for the serious and firm implementation of these outcomes with honesty, truthfulness and a national sense of commitment.

Your Excellency, President of the Republic,

Ladies and gentlemen,

The foundations of a new constitution and a third republic have been laid out throughout this dialogue. We have laid them together as we look forward towards the future and as a follow up to your guiding remarks. At the opening ceremony of this national convention you would have certainly, your Excellency noticed the degree to which the aspirations the future generations were present in our work. We seek from you, Mr. President to cross with nation to the future with confidence and safety. Thank you very much and May peace and mercy be upon you all.

Mr. Sidi Mohamed Ould Maham

President of the Union for the republic Party  





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