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Closure of the parliamentary session at the level of the National Assembly

Nouakchott, 21/10/2017


The first parliamentary session of the year 2016/2017 thus concluded on Thursday evening at the level of the National Assembly.

The closing ceremony was marked by the speech of the National Assembly’s the first Deputy Mr.  Elkhalil Ould Tayeb, pointed out that the Assembly had discussed and ratified during this parliamentary session several important laws.


This is the transcript of his speech:


Fellow deputies,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today we conclude our first regular parliamentary session of the year 2016/2017 which was replete with serious and sustained parliamentary action.


This session have witnessed in addition to discussing and approving the draft law of the original financial year 2017 , study and discussion of many of the texts that had been given by the room what it deserves of  time and effort and amended as necessary.

In the financial field we ratified the amended Finance Bill of 2016 and settlement bills for three fiscal years.


In terms of economy, we ratified a set of important texts that are expected to be beneficial to the national economy which included cooperation agreements, the financing of some important projects.

The social field was not in isolation from our activity, as we have ratified a draft law on health which represents promoting one of the priorities of the citizen, we also ratified some agreements that clearly reflect the extent of our diplomatic presence, which we are proud of the high level it had reached in recent years.

This work has reached its peak with parliamentary debate on the annual report of his Excellency the Prime Minister in front of the National Assembly about the activities of the government during the past year.

His exhibitions of the guidelines of the program for the year 2017.  pursuant to article 73 of the Constitution.

Fellow deputies,

This intense legislative activity didn’t stop us from having our control of government action where we ask questions and we received responses from members of the Government concerned to those questions.


Fellow deputies,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I pay tribute to this mighty work to thank you and wish you well.

And I announce -with Allah’s blessings- the conclusion of the first regular session of 2017 in accordance with article 52 of the Constitution and article 56 of the rules of procedure of the National Assembly.

Peace and mercy be up on you.

Closing ceremony was attended by members of the parliamentary government.


Reported by Mauritanian News Agency.



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