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Inhabitants of Nimlan municipality organize a crowd reception ceremony in honor of President of the Union party and his accompanying delegation in preparation for the visit of the President of the Republic to the Region ofTagant starting on Monday 14 November 2016:


Within the activities of mobilization and sensitization carried out by the President of the Union for the Republic Party Mr / Sidi Mohamed OuldMaham these days for the Region ofTagant in order to prepare to receive the President of the Republic Brother / Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz , the founding president of the party during the visit of the inspection and inquiry which is expected to be performed to the Region of Tagant starting tomorrow, Monday 14 November 2016. Inhabitants of the Municipality of Nimalan organizedby initiative of a member of the Executive Bureau of the Union Party Mr. / YarbeOuldSghayer reception crowd ceremony of the President of the party and the delegation accompanying him as well as a political luncheon today in this municipality of the districtof Tidjikja which were attended by a large gathering of dignitaries and executives and party activists in the region.

After the reception the welcoming speech for the President of the Union party and his accompanying delegation was presented by a notables residents of the area, where he was welcomed in their name for Mr. / Sidi Mohamed OuldMaham and his accompanying delegation and said they support the party’s policies and appreciate the recent National Dialogue outcomes, stressing that the carefree, which brings them together today is to work sincerely with enthusiasm to assure a successful visit of the President of the Republic for the region of Tagant .

President of the Union for the Republic, Mr. Sidi Mohamed OuldMaham in his speech to the elders and executivesof historical municipality Nimlan  said: “The main objective of this visit is mobilization to receive the President of the Republic during his visit to the Region, and we are confident of success because this area which was one of the most important legendary resistance castles steadfastness during the struggle against colonialism, and through all its history, that honorsits inhabitants and all Mauritanians, it is also the day fortress castles of the Union for the Republic party, and here I thank you for your attachment to the principles of the party and its direction, I would also like to thank you on behalf of the leadership of the party and on behalf of the delegation for the warm reception and generous Hospitality, which is an important indicator of the success of our mission “.

On the other hand, the President of the Union Party, Mr. Sidi Mohamed OuldMahamsaid: “This region is known of its permanent standing with the President of the Republic and its support for the orientations that is reflected in the exploitation of the inhabitants of any opportunity to express it, and today this new opportunity to confirm this “.

In finish, the President of the Union Party, concluded by saying: “I repeat that what is important today is the success of the visit and send a message to international public opinion and local says that inhabitant ofTagantare with President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz and support the orientations strongly, especially the historical municipality of Nimlan, so make sure all our adherence to this political approach in which the general interests of the country and the accumulation in the custody of the giant achievements witness visible, swept over the country and still could be doubled, and in the last important thing we have is the cohesion of the party and the unity of all its militants behind the President of the Republic, the founding president of the party brother / Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz “.

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